Thermomix TM5


Think about it – if we don’t pass our knowledge onto our children and grandchildren, who will?? If we leave it to the society and the food industry, well, we won’t survive. Scary but simple.

You will fall in love with this revolutionary kitchen machine from Thermomix Canada and you will see all the benefits in getting your life back on track: (

Getting back into the kitchen and sharing time together with our family is quite possibly one of the most effective changes we can make. There is something very magical about transforming food Nature has given us into something that nourishes us – we become alchemists in our own homes and that’s pretty cool. Kids love this stuff (as does the kid in us).

Our relationship with food, nature and each other has been drastically affected by processed foods. When we leave the preparation of our sustenance up to someone else, we are essentially handing over our ability to care for ourselves. Food scientists have figured out how to highjack our brains with chemicals that make us want more of whatever processed food we are eating. Ingredients like ‘flavouring’, ‘spices’, ‘natural colouring’ are red flags as to where those harmful chemicals are hidden.

Clean eating is just one reason I love the Thermomix. I haven’t ever loved to cook – it was simply as necessity of living on a farm and raising children. But since having this amazing machine, I do love to create high quality food – it’s fast and easy and does most of it in one bowl. There are so many delicious and nutritious foods I wouldn’t bother making if I didn’t have the Thermomix. Milling, sautéing, steaming – And now that the TM5 has the recipe computer chip, well….


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