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Be Kitchen Smart (Thermomix Calgary) Introduces THE TM5:

Join the cooking revolution and transform the way you prepare food with the TM5. Thermomix is so amazing and unique – it combines an integrated scale, a super-fast food processor and an efficient food mixer PLUS it cooks, sautés, simmers and steams to provide the ultimate kitchen experience. And now the TM5 has a computer chip – it’s never been easier to prepare and cook healthy, nutritious meals.  Whether you want simple home-cooking or haute cuisine, the TM5 takes care of so many tasks for you.


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Your Thermomix comes fully equipped with everything you need to perform the functions of more than twelve appliances in one to help you can achieve the maximum level of versatility.

  • ‘The Basic Cookbook’ and recipe chip with over 170 proven recipes.
  • The 3 piece Varoma for steaming – one of the healthiest ways to cook.
  • Simmering basket – make side dishes such as rice, potatoes or vegetables or use for sieving fruit juices and making reduction sauces.
  • Butterfly whisk – create perfectly whipped cream, homemade butter, mousses or beat egg whites. Simply set onto the knife – easy installation.
  • Spatula – specifically designed for use in the bowl and as a handle for the simmering basket.


Thermomix consultant for Calgary and Western Canada. I’m also a Traditional Foods teacher and a believer that when

in Canada we do well to eat like a Canadian.


There are now even more ways to cook your way to perfect results. Make virtually any recipe fast and easy – let Thermomix prepare ingredients, cook and mix at the same time while you attend other important matters.

3 ways to create nutritious, delicious food:

  • Manual – It’s easy to adapt your own recipes. You will also find that there are literally thousands of recipes available that adapt existing dishes to be cooked with Thermomix(available on the Thermomix Recipe Platform, Recipe Chips, or via our app for smartphones and tablets)..
  • Guided– just select one of the many step-by-step recipes from the recipe chip and follow the instructions onscreen to achieve perfect results. Time and temperature settings are pre-set for every step. Just add the ingredients and let the TM5 weigh them for you (you still have the freedom to adjust the settings). Push the selector and sweep the floor … or relaxJ … with a glass of wine?JJ
  • Automatic – weigh the recipe chip ingredients listed on the screen into the bowl and push the button – that’s it!



  • Health
    • Know what’s in your food. More importantly, know what’s NOT in your food! Nourish your family with REAL, whole food.
    • You have control over time and temperature – retain nutrients, enzymes and flavour.
    • Solve difficult dietary issues – grind gluten free flours fresh and use clean food and ingredients.
  • Save time
    • Shorter cooking times – combination of reluctance motor and advanced heating system
    • Quicker prep and hands free
    • Less pots, pans and dishes to clean up
  • Save money
    • Very power efficient
    • Eliminate processed/packaged food (which isn’t REAL food)
    • Less food wasted
  • Save space
    • Replaces many kitchen appliances (even the coffee pot and kettle!)
    • Ideal for small kitchens, RV’s, cottages, boats…
    • Portable and easy to carry
  • Do your part to help the environment
    • Consumes only the amount of energy needed to reach and maintain pre-set temperature
    • Reduces the need for multiple pots and pans (fewer dishes to wash – even washes itself!)
    • Cooking REAL food means less packaging



            Contact me to buy a Thermomix in Canada. Delivery is very quick.



  • Maintenance-free Vorwerk reluctance motor 500W rated power. It is a unique motor with advanced technology that has no belts, brushes or moving parts and works on an electromagnetic field
  • Speed: continuously adjustable from 40 to 10,700 revolutions per minute (Speed soft 40 rpm)
  • Special speed interval setting (alternating mode) for dough preparation
  • Electronic motor protection to prevent overload.

Heating System

  • Fast heating system with low power consumption 1,000W
  • The heating used in the Thermomix is described as contact heating with the advantage of having the heating plate integrated inside the bowl. There is no loss of energy as the heat is transferred directly into the food. There is a thermostat to maintain an even temperature. The machine uses a direct heating method with coils and sensor inside the bottom layer of the mixing bowl; it is contact heating, not induction heating
  • The blades help distribute the heat evenly through the food
  • No hot spots; even heat distribution with exact temperature control
  • Protected against overheating

Integrated Scale

  • Measuring range from 5g to 6000g in 5g increments with 3000g maximum displayed.


  • High-quality plastic material

Mixing Bowl

  • High quality stainless steel, with integrated heating system and temperature sensor
  • The coating on the connector pins is a tribor coating: a system involving a modified nickel-based coating and a thin gold layer for having good contact and making it robust
  • Maximum capacity 2.2 litres

Connected Load

  • Only for 110-120V – alternating voltage
  • Maximum power consumption 1,300 W
  • Pull-out power cable, 1 m long

Dimensions and Weight (excl. Varoma)

  • Height 33.5cm
  • Width 33.3cm
  • Depth 32.6cm
  • Weight 7.7kg
  • Varoma: Height 13.0cm
  • Varoma: Width 38.5cm
  • Varoma Depth 27.5cm
  • Varoma Weight 0.8kg


The worlds ‘Smallest and Smartest Kitchen’ performs the task of twelve appliances in one mix, steam, blend, weigh, stir, grind, whip, emulsify, heat, knead, cook and chop.

It can chop, heat and blend all in one bowl – prepare creamy soups from a few fresh ingredients in a few minutes and blend at the end of the cooking time for a silky smooth finish. For casseroles or chunkier dishes change the rotation direction and mix with the reverse side of the knife.

TM5 is the perfect wedding gift!



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